Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The beginning of something magical. +Primadonna Girl

Hello Followers (though you are probably non-existant)
today is a great day!
I just got my tribal money so i'm off to Best Buy or Walmart (somewhere that will have my camera) and getting my Canon Powershot! so excited! once i get that i'll be posting daily vlogs! hopefully i'll come up with interesting subjects to do them on. In the beginning they will most likely just be about me and what i do, but then they will be a collection of different things! alright! well i'll post later on today about my experience! :) Cannot wait! oh by the way, this is my favorite song right now!
Marina and the Diamonds is like the love child of Florence + The Machine  and Ellie Goulding had:) at least that is my opinion!

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