Sunday, July 21, 2013

Beauty in society

Hello everyone,
Today i was interviewed by someone from KOSU radio, about fashion.
The segment was about beauty, and how society has skewed ladies "ideal" body type to be those of the supermodels, size 00, and underweight. I talked about some of my experience with that, and it was a great learning and growing experience. I was just messing around with Photoshop today, and i created a  "Real" vs. "Photoshop" picture. Here it is. Ladies, (and gentlemen) please know that this kind of body :
is not what you want. It's ugly, and not healthy.
here is my photoshopped picture. 
Thank you!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Camera, Vlogs starting!

Hello kids!
Finally got all the things i needed to get started vlogging my life! tomorrow Ashley and i will be doing a fun segment on... ITS A SURPRISE ! anyway here is a picture of my camera!
For all you interested in Vlogging or photography, this is a great camera to use on the go! Many adventures can be made with this beauty. This is a Cannon PowerShot SX160 IS. It shoots 720p HD Movies!!! its pretty amazing! the sound is great with stereo sound. :) love it. I HIGHLY recommend it for YouTube videos. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My First video! watch!

 So this is to show you the process i go through when i am creating a "look" or design. I use photoshop, sketch book, and Fotor for my process! it took about 45 minutes to do this whole process! i hope you enjoy it! thank you!

The beginning of something magical. +Primadonna Girl

Hello Followers (though you are probably non-existant)
today is a great day!
I just got my tribal money so i'm off to Best Buy or Walmart (somewhere that will have my camera) and getting my Canon Powershot! so excited! once i get that i'll be posting daily vlogs! hopefully i'll come up with interesting subjects to do them on. In the beginning they will most likely just be about me and what i do, but then they will be a collection of different things! alright! well i'll post later on today about my experience! :) Cannot wait! oh by the way, this is my favorite song right now!
Marina and the Diamonds is like the love child of Florence + The Machine  and Ellie Goulding had:) at least that is my opinion!