Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Real Hunger Games

Hello friends!
So today i made a "Draw my life video. I am pretty sure it is way too long to put it on Youtube, so tomorrow i'll be putting it on this blog and my website! oh by the way! I HAVE A WEBSITE. It's not officially official, but it is under construction, but it has been published so if you go to the URL it is visible.
          Just a picture to enjoy.
Now for my real blog:
As a starving student, my budget this week is a whole of 30 dollars. I'm going to have to make that stretch. I'm looking for another job, but right now it's sort of ghetto right now in my household. I am also waiting on my tribal money. OH if only i had all the money in the world. I would be carefree!

         But i would also probably be very bored. Unforetold adventures of the impoverished collegates are most interesting tales to tell. Hunger game entry 1: This morning Ashley and i woke up to find that there was little to no breakfast food in my house... so we improvised, and ended up scrapping together a cakemix, applesauce, and 4 eggs to make a coffee cake... (and by coffee cake i mean that we had the cake with some coffee)... oh the adventures. If anything we have learned that we can in fact survive in times during which there is no money...! tomorrow shall be another adventure! hopefully i'll be able to go to Walmart soon to shop!

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