Wednesday, August 29, 2012

College life

If i never knew what the word "busy" meant, i definitely do now. I am taking 14 hours in college. "Oh that's not too bad." people say... well to them i say "it is if 4 of them have at least 2 hours worth of labs." 4 labs. which means every day i have at least 1 class that lasts about 3 hours. As an Apparel Design major it is great. I am so excited for my classes, but 4 Labs??? (INSANITY) My labs are Textiles (chemistry based class), Chemistry (KILL ME), Design Theory (basically a Fashion/Art class), and Apparel Production ( a sewing class) 
Meet the most difficult device ever. The Industrial Serger. Took me 30 minutes to thread it. 
To all you fashion majors, i understand your pain. And it's only been a week of school.

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